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Norbert - Bangkok to Angkor Wat and Back Tour 2d1n BA2

From: United Kingdom
Posted Date: 18/Mar/2023

Amazing, strongly recommend

I do strongly recommend. I have spent two days with guides and guys were great. Very open, talkative and friendly. They were open to amend standard programme to our individual preferences. We got great photos from the Ta Prohm temple and the guide showed us the best places to take them. Definitely go for it!

Date of experience: March 2023

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Simona D - Bangkok to Angkor Wat and Back Day Trip BA1-Option 1

From: United Kingdom
Posted Date: 15/Mar/2023

Amazing day in Cambodia !

Beautiful day in Cambodia!

Unforgettable day in Cambodia!

As we were staying in Bangkok, we decided to go to Cambodia for a day trip to visit Angkor Wat and found this company, they’re probably one of the best in the business, we had an amazing time. Everything was planned perfectly and well coordinated by Mr. Sophoan Rat who kept in contact with me through the whole booking process and after sending all the info we needed for the trip.
It was only me and my sister taking this tour and we felt perfectly safe and well looked after.
The day started really early, at 3am we got picked up from our driver in our hotel lobby and we started our long but pleasant drive to Poipet to cross the border to Cambodia. The van was so comfy and big we of course fell asleep! Ahah

We did our visa and they stamped our passport exactly like Mr. Sophoan Rat explained to us.
Once we did that, we were met by our Cambodian driver that took us for a long drive to Siem Reap and then to have breakfast in a very cute local restaurant. There we met with Kim who was supposed to be our guide but he said he was busy that day so we had another guide which unfortunately I can’t remember the name of, but he was so knowledgeable and knew all the right places to take beautiful pictures!!!

We had so much fun with him

We first saw Angkor Wat and it was everything we expect it to be, if not more. Simply impossible to explain! We listened to its fascinating story and we walked around its ground. After that we visited all the other temples in the complex.

To visit the other temple the Cambodian driver escorted us to each and everyone of them, picking us up right after we finished with the visit, he gave us so much water every time to help us recover from the long walk and hot weather!! We were really pleased with that!

Our visit finished at the local markets where we parted way with our guide and got back in the car to go back to the border.

Crossing the border for us was a bit hard but in the end we made it, make sure you bring everything and make sure you follow the instructions to get back to Thailand.

It was a very long and tiring day but 100% worth all the hassle to be able to see such sights.
100% recommend if you want to visit Angkor Wat!!!

Date of experience: March 2023

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Tttshbg - Bangkok to Angkor Wat and Back Day Trip BA1-Option 3

From: Spain
Posted Date: 13/Mar/2023

100% recommend

Good communication and care over our trip. Took us from Bangkok and back. Perfect service and engagement

Date of experience: March 2023

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Sabrina D - Bangkok to Angkor Wat and Back Day Trip BA1-Option 1

From: United Kingdom
Posted Date: 13/Mar/2023

Wonderful experience

This tour is the best way to see the temples in Siem Reap if you're in Bangkok and don't have a lot of time!
We had an amazing experience overall, even though the day was almost 24 hours all together! Everything is very well organised and managed, you get picked up from your hotel in Bangkok and driven to the border with Cambodia. After the immigration process, then someone else picks you up in Cambodia and drives you to Siem Reap where you meet your guide. Then they take you to see all the temples around Angkor Wat. Throughout the day the provide you with plenty of water to keep you hydrated as the day is very long.
Overall I can't say anything bad about this tour! Just be prepared for a very long day! The amazing sights you will see make it all worth it!

Date of experience: March 2023

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Iwona - Bangkok to Angkor Wat and Back Tour 2d1n BA2

From: Poland
Posted Date: 10/Mar/2023

Niezapomniana przygoda w Angor Wat z Kimami

Wypad do Angkor Wat godny polecenia. Tym bardziej przy tak sprawnej obsłudze ze strony Sophoan Rath i jego ekipy. Miło, sprawnie, bezpiecznie i z mega dawką humoru. Dzięki Wam zaoszczędziliśmy co najmniej 1 dzień. Szkoda tylko, że mogliśmy być tak krótko. Choć opcje na dłuższe zwiedzanie też są możliwe. Podróż do Chong Kneah, pływającej wioski niesamowity. Zaskakujące, że ludzie w obecnych czasach nadal żyją w taki sposób. Wschód słońca w Angkor Wat zapiera dech w piersiach.
Szczerze polecam. Jeśli nie chcecie tracić czasu na miejscu na przejazdy od świątyni do świątyni na własną rękę, bez znajomości topografii to warto skorzystać z pomocy chłopaków. Było naprawdę super. Wielkie dzięki i mam nadzieję, że za jakiś czas znów się spotkamy w Angkor Wat.

Date of experience: March 2023

Unforgettable adventure at Angor Wat with Kims

A trip to Angkor Wat worth recommending. Even more so with such efficient service from Sophoan Rath and his team. Nice, efficient, safe and with a great dose of humour. Thanks to you, we saved at least 1 day. It's just a pity that we could be there for such a short time. Although options for longer tours are also possible. Journey to Chong Kneah, an amazing floating village. It's amazing that people still live like this these days. The sunrise at Angkor Wat is breathtaking. I highly recommend. If you don't want to waste your time on the spot to travel from temple to temple on your own, without knowing the topography, it's worth using the help of the guys. It was really great. Many thanks and hope to see you again at Angkor Wat sometime soon.

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JacekEG - Bangkok to Angkor Wat and Back Tour 2d1n BA2

From: Poland
Posted Date: 10/Mar/2023

Kim jest Kim? :)

Polecam z całej siły. Fachowo i szybko załatwione. Kim jest super przewodnikiem. Oprowadzi wytłumaczy zrobi zdjęcie. Pokaże ciekawe miejsca i przetłumaczy jak zajdzie potrzeba. Na prawdę super.

Date of experience: March 2023

Who is Who? :)

I recommend it wholeheartedly. Professionally and quickly handled. Kim is a great guide. He will guide the interpreter and take a photo. He will show interesting places and translate if necessary. Really great.

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