06/Aug/2024 - 07/Aug/2024
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11/Nov/2024 - 11/Nov/2024
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14/Nov/2024 - 14/Nov/2024
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01/Jan/2025 - 01/Jan/2025
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05/Aug/2024 - 06/Aug/2024
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09/Dec/2024 - 10/Dec/2024
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06/Aug/2024 - 08/Aug/2024
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20/Aug/2024 - 22/Aug/2024
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26/Dec/2024 - 28/Dec/2024
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05/Feb/2025 - 06/Feb/2025
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16/Jan/2025 - 17/Jan/2025
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Thank you for taking your precious time and effort to write us reviews. We take your feedback seriously in order to keep up our good work. We do hope that you will give us an opportunity to serve you again for your visit in the near future.

Lin B - Bangkok to Angkor Wat and Back Tour 4d3n BA4

From: Norway
Posted Date: 07/Dec/2024

Fantastic trip. Look no further.

Fantastic trip with this company and menories for a lifetime. In four days we have sees nine temples and seen the sacred waterfall. Our guide Kim and driver Moy are very serviceminded, friendly and knowledgeable. They have taken so good care of us from the doorstep of our hotel in Bangkok, across the border to Cambodia, to the hotel in Siem Reap and back. Thank you.

Written July 12, 2024

Cambodia Travel Trails - TripAdvisor


Mark LeGault - Bangkok to Angkor Wat and Back Day Trip Option 1 BA1-Option 1

From: United States
Posted Date: 25/May/2024

Amazing Angkor Wat tour!

Ly Sang and the driver were amazing hosts during our tour of Angkor Wat. Ly Sang was very informative and kept us engaged with a lot of information about Cambodia. We really enjoyed our trip and can not recommend him enough. Thank you!

Written May 25, 2024

Cambodia Travel Trails - TripAdvisor


Andersongrace - Bangkok to Angkor Wat and Back Tour 3d2n BA3

From: United States
Posted Date: 18/May/2024

Highly Recommended !

My tour guide Mr Kim and Mr Mouy did a wonderful job touring me around Angkor Wat. The experience of going around Sirm Reap and inside the temples would not have been possible without them. They were punctual and very organized.i stayed st the Homewood Suites. Staff were friendly and the place was nice and clean! Aldo thanks to their manager Sophoan who helped me from the beginning!

Written May 18, 2024

Cambodia Travel Trails - TripAdvisor


Eleni A - Bangkok to Angkor Wat and Back Day Trip Option 1 BA1-Option 1

From: China
Posted Date: 02/May/2024

Amazing experience

We had an amazing trip at Angkor Wat. Despite the really hot weather our guide Mr Kim and our driver Mr Moe were full of energy and love for what they are doing. Enjoyed every single moment of it. Thank you

Written May 2, 2024

Cambodia Travel Trails - TripAdvisor


Matthew B - Pattaya to Angkor Wat and Back Tour 4d3n BA4

From: United States
Posted Date: 16/Apr/2024

Lots to see, hear, eat, and experience

Our time here was amazing. Who knew there were so many temples to see. We spent time in many of them over 3 days and also have memories from the new years celebrations. The final day we attended a festival and got to play a traditional game and try a lot of the local BBQ. Our guide Kim was always ready to take our photo and brought us to several nice places to get a better view.

Written April 16, 2024

Cambodia Travel Trails - TripAdvisor


Themice - Bangkok to Angkor Wat and Back Tour 2d1n BA2

From: United States
Posted Date: 06/Apr/2024

Angkor Wat is a must and they made it easy

We did Tour BA2- Bangkok to Angkor Wat and Back 2 Days /1 Night. My communication with Mr. Sophoan Rath was excellent and the tour ran like clockwork. He provided helpful info on getting the necessary eVisa and our pickups and transfers to and from Cambodia were easy enough. We were fortunate not to encounter long lines even though it was around Chinese New Year. Zero line on the return

Our guide Kim Saphatt was extremely knowledgeable, providing lots of ibfo about the temples.
A few minor hiccups - the crowds during Chinese New Year created a big traffic jam plus this was a Sunday, so we could not get up the hill to see the sunset. Stuff happens and we just roll with it.
Also there were some things listed on day 2 itinerary that we didn't get to, but to be honest we were quite done by the time we stopped. This allowed us to head to the border a bit earlier. Also, we were heading to the cruise port which is 2+hours from the city of Bangkok and it was no problem arranging this to be the drop off point instead of in Bangkok.

Recommend this tour and company.
Just for reference, our cruise had a tour using flights (think of airport hassles and big group tour - we just got to relax on the drive) that stayed an extra night just for a local cultural show and it was $2000 per person! Enough said.

Written April 6, 2024

Cambodia Travel Trails - TripAdvisor


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