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Mr. Bram Vermeulen - Pattaya to Angkor Wat and Back

From: Netherlands
Posted Date: 23/Feb/2020

Visit Angkor Wat via Pattaya. For all people who do not like stress...


Visit Angkor Wat via Pattaya. For all people who do not like stress during holiday. This is a great organisation. Mr Kim is probably one of the most devoted tour guides. They even picked us up at our hotel in Pattaya. Strictly on time. The entire visa proces at the cambodian border was arranged. A thing quite hard if you don't know what to do ...especially at given temperatures. Its a very busy program for those who like to see everything....but its also possible to reduce the program so you can see whats most important. For me the bayon and angkor wat temples sunset and sunrise are by far the most magnificent. Thanks guys. For an amazing holiday.

Cambodia Travel Trails - TripAdvisor:

Ms. Nancy Rapadas - HAL Westerdam cruise ship to Bangkok, Angkor Wat and to Ho Chi Minh City port

From: United States
Posted Date: 07/Feb/2020

HAL Westerdam cruise ship at Laem Chabang port, Pattaya, Thailand to...


HAL Westerdam cruise ship at Laem Chabang port, Pattaya, Thailand to Bangkok, Angkor Wat of Cambodia and to Ho Chi Minh City port. We’re a group of 17 pax from HAL Westerdam and did a private tours of Bangkok and Angkor Wat by Cambodia Trails. It was awesome! Booking with Sophoan was easy... very prompt replies, answered my questions and very accommodating. The price was very reasonable and the service was excellent. To Sophoan and all our guides, thank you for an amazing and memorable trip!

Cambodia Travel Trails - TripAdvisor

Mr. Trilochan Saini - Suvarnabhumi airport BKK to Angkor Wat and Back

From: Saudi Arabia
Posted Date: 16/Jan/2020

Vacation in Cambodia! I had an incredible experience and was extremely...


Vacation in Cambodia! I had an incredible experience and was extremely lucky that I got to contact the Cambodia Travel Trails. Sophoan Rath is a well experienced and a well mannered person. The tour was meticulously planned and very well executed. We were picked up early in the morning from Bangkok airport and the well mannered driver Mr Monchai took us to the border where their representative took care of the visa formalities. Sith, a well mannered person was our driver throughout our trip. Our guide was well versed with the details and he was very respectful and knew his way around. The selection of the hotel was very good and our stay throughout the trip was very comfortable. The guide was knowledgeable about the cuisine around the place and suggested us different varieties. All in all to summarize I would like to say that the trip was one of the kind and I have suggested the company to friends of mine who were planning a trip. I would definetely recommend them for a very good experience in Cambodia.

Cambodia Travel Trails - TripAdvisor

Ms. Gwen Alabata - Bangkok to Angkor Wat and Back Overnight Tour

From: United States
Posted Date: 31/May/2019

Family tour of 8 people! My Family and I booked a 2 days Angkor wat/Siem...


Family tour of 8 people! My Family and I booked a 2 days Angkor wat/Siem Reap tour. It was very easy to book and communication was smooth. Picked up at the hotel early morning brought to the border and crossed without any problem. Our tour guide Kim was very knowledgeable and funny. We had fantastic time in Cambodia. 5 star rating to this travel and tours. You wouldn\'t regret it. My family and I are were very much happy with what we had experienced. Kudos to this travel group. Definitely worth every penny. Thank you for the hospitality and superb time.

Cambodia Travel Trails - TripAdvisor

Mr. Tim Every - Pattaya to Angkor Wat and Back Tour

From: United States
Posted Date: 10/Jan/2019

Pattaya to Angkor Wat and Siem Reap! We wanted to do a very custom tour...


Pattaya to Angkor Wat and Siem Reap! We wanted to do a very custom tour from Pattaya to Siem Reap. Our plan was to travel by private car and have two nights in Siem Reap and one day at Angkor Wat. It was difficult to find a tour that would meet our planing preferences. When I reached out to Sophoan Rath he quickly responded with a proposal that met our expectations. It was also helpful use his tour services to help cross the border which can be a bit intimidating. For us everything went exactly as we had hoped for and planned. Soph’s knowledge of the Angkor Wat is exceptional and would highly recommend using his tour company when exploring Cambodia!

Cambodia Travel Trails - TripAdvisor

Ms. Pangie Angie Hunt - Pattaya to Angkor Wat and Back Day Trip

From: Canada
Posted Date: 27/Mar/2018

Worth it! One DayTrip from Pattaya to Angkor Wat/Siem Reip and Return!...


Worth it! One DayTrip from Pattaya to Angkor Wat/Siem Reip and Return! I'm always a little weary of paying a deposit for a tour without the use of a credit card. But with all the great reviews, I gave it a chance, and I'm glad I did! Sophoan was our guide for our 1 day day tour of Angkor Wat and Siem Reip. Our group of 4 were picked up at a home address in Pattaya at around 2:30 am in a private van and headed to the border at Poi Pet. We were met by a guide to take us through the border process, and then handed over to another driver to take us to Angkor Wat. There we met Sophoan and he took us on a detailed trip of Angkor Wat. One nice touch is that he has his own, personal stories of living through the "killing fields" era and can tell you about his experience as a young boy in the work camps. Very interesting. With a one day trip, we didn't have too much time to spend in Siem Reip. If I did it again, I might try an over night trip as the driving time can be lengthy for one day, and I would like to spend more time in Siem Reip. Additionally, Thai immigration is trying to crack down on one day trips due to people abusing the 30 day visa by just crossing the border, and they gave us a little hassle when crossing back into Thailand. Never the less, as a one day cultural trip it was definitely worth it!

Cambodia Travel Trails - TripAdvisor

Mr. Nick Hess - World Race logistic Cambodia Thailand Vietnam Laos Malaysia

From: United States
Posted Date: 11/Nov/2017

Great Travel Company for South East Asia! I traveled throughout South...


Great Travel Company for South East Asia! I traveled throughout South East Asia with a group of 43 and used Mr. Sohpoan Rath's travel company for most all of our travel in our four months in Thailand and Cambodia!

Here is a detailed review of each of our trips we used Mr. Sophoan Rath for:

November 11th Phnom Penh to Bangkok:

Everything went really smoothly and great! From Phnom Penh to the border on the bus and the minibus there was enough space for everyone and all of the bags! From the Border to Bangkok there was also enough space for everyone and all of the bags on each of the mini vans! Also having you there to translate and help direct us through the border was very helpful, and your english is very good! All in all was a very good trip!

January 6th Bangkok to Siem Reap:

This whole exchange was very smooth and very enjoyable for all. Being able to go all the way through from Bangkok to Siem Reap on the same bus and not have to carry our things through border control was very nice and we were all excited when we heard about this! On the bus and the mini van that we took all the way through there was enough space for everyone and all of the bags. Also having you there again to direct and translate was very helpful to the whole ordeal and making everything go smoothly! This trip went very well and was a very good experience!

February 6th Battambang to Kompong Thom:

This trip also went very smoothly! The pickup of the other 2 passengers in Siem Reap on the way went very well! There was enough space on the minibus for all of us and our bags. Also the driver spoke good enough english so that we could communicate a few things like stopping for lunch and things like that which was helpful! All in all this trip went well and was a good experience!

February 26th Kompong Thom to Siem Reap (4 to Battambang):

This trip went pretty well. The minivan from Kompong Thom to Siem Reap was a little tight for the 10 of us with all of our stuff, but for sure wasn't the worst by any means. After the 4 left in Siem Reap towards Battambang we had an easy time getting to the hostel we were staying at which was really good! The 4 that went to Battambang had a good experience and had no complaints!

March 4th Battambang to Siem Reap:

This trip went well as far as I am aware. I got no complaints or feedback of any sort. It was nice to have the extra car with the bus to haul all of the bags with everyone which was good! They made really good time from Battambang to which was really good! Then the whole ordeal with one of our guys leaving a lap top in the car went really well! Thanks so much again for helping us get that to us at the airport!

Cambodia Travel Trails - TripAdvisor

Ms. Leanne Leder - World Race logistic Cambodia Thailand Vietnam Laos Malaysia

From: United States
Posted Date: 26/Sep/2017

Excellent Travel Company! I was with a large group travelling from Siem...


Excellent Travel Company! I was with a large group travelling from Siem Reap, Cambodia to Bangkok, Thailand. Mr. Rath Sophoan (the owner) ensured that our travel was incredibly smooth and hassle-free. Our group has been traveling a lot over the past year in South America, Africa, Europe, and Asia, and his company is by far the best we have worked with out of anywhere we have been in the world. I am so impressed by Mr. Rath Sophoan and his company and I would highly recommend this company for any kind of tour or activity you are looking to do.

Cambodia Travel Trails - TripAdvisor

Ms. Admiral Snarkington - Bangkok to Angkor Wat and Back

From: United States
Posted Date: 03/Sep/2016

This must have been a mistake. What an adventure! My wife booked this...


This must have been a mistake. What an adventure! My wife booked this tour well in advance of our arrival. We are not big on organized tours, so the prospect of a personalized tour appealed to us. Based on the price I was a bit skeptical and did not know what to expect. From the initial booking throughout the entire process, Sophoan Rath was in constant contact with us. Providing amazingly detailed instructions/guidance on what needed doing and what we could expect. Even though communication was excellent, this being our first trip from the west I was still really really skeptical about this panning out.

I was an idiot and have never wasted so much time worrying for nothing. The day before our tour Sophoan Rath sent us an email listing each driver and contact for the entire day and for each leg of the journey. First up was Mr. Sai Chhon who was the unfortunate soul picking us up at 3am in Bangkok and getting us to the border by 6:30am. He was professional and courteous and it was a smooth ride from what I can remember. I dozed off so it couldn't be that bumpy of a ride.

When we got to the Cambodian border we were met by Mr. Sok, who helped us through customs on both sides and got us to the driver on the Cambodian side. He was AMAZING! On top of being a really nice guy, he was so efficient and made sure we knew exactly what we needed to do and where to go on both sides of the border. We were literally in and out of there in 30 minutes or less. I can not imagine having to navigate that in a short time frame without help.

Mr. Piseth drove us to Siem Reap from the border. He too was very kind and professional and he got us there safe and sound. The drivers may not speak much English, but I don't speak Thai or Cambodian and we still managed just fine.

Once we were safely to Siem Reap, we were met by our driver Tunna and our guide Khouch. They were very friendly and accommodating. Khouch wasted no time dropping knowledge on us of the area. They had cold bottled water for us and nothing but smiles. We headed off through town and to the ticket area for Angkor Wat. Got our tickets and Khouch gave us badge holders so we could look really cool. The whole way to the park this man dropped knowledge on us about everything going past us. It was amazing. We got to the park and had a nice breakfast. He gave us some advice on prices and buying things from all the vendors which was very useful.

Then came the utter ridiculousness that was the rest of our day. I still am in awe about how Khouch can possibly store soooo much knowledge in his head and I can't remember my own cell phone number. He took us all over the park, and I won't blither on about all the details. Sufficed to say, you could not have asked for a more awesome and engaging guide. He was patient as we stood around slack jawed taking pictures and even suggested good spots for perspective. We even caught him taking pics of his own, which just shows how passionate and engaged he is with what he does, especially with over 18 years of experience. He is an amazing man that is a wealth of knowledge, and we had the time of our lives. Sadly, life is impermanent, and we had to part ways after a fantastic day with him. And don't think we forgot Tunna, picking us up and giving us cold water and refreshing towels as we hopped about the park. Awesome cannot even describe it.

They got us back to the pick up point and we were again whisked off to the border and met by none other than Mr. Sok. He was just as friendly and helpful as he was at 6am. He must drink a lot of coffee or just love what he does, because he is great at it. Got us back across again quickly & efficiently, making sure we had all the documents we needed. I was kind of sad to part ways because he seemed like the kind of guy that would be fun to go out for beers with and shoot the breeze.

He got us sorted and on our way back to Bangkok and we were safely back at our hotel by 10pm. The whole day was an absolute delight. I cannot believe how affordable it was based on the insane effort and coordination involved to pull it off. We are so grateful to Cambodia Travel Trails and all their staff for giving us a truly unforgettable experience. If you are in Bangkok and want an adventure, you really need to look them up. They are worth every penny, and will earn your business every step of the way and then some. My only regret is that I cannot repay their kindness and the amazing memories they gave us of Angkor Wat. Give them a go, you won't regret it! Thanks a million Sophoan Rath and crew, you are aces in our book!

Cambodia Travel Trails - TripAdvisor

Ms. Diana Walker Neve - Bangkok to Angkor Wat and Back

From: United States
Posted Date: 21/Jun/2016

Don't Miss This Experience - You'll be in good hands with Sophoan Rath...


Don't Miss This Experience - You'll be in good hands with Sophoan Rath and his team!! Okay world traveler and adventurers, if you are short on time or want to make the most of your limited vacation time, this is the thing to do in order to see Anghor Wat. the World Heritage Site. I won't say much about the site itself, only that it is worth the effort to get there. We did it all in just less than 24 hours!!

First, I loved communicating with Sophoan Rath via email. One has to be careful because they are plenty of shady, even dangerous people out there. And you have to send him money to reserve the trip. But rest assured, he and his company are legitimate, honest and service oriented. What he and his company seemed to be on the emails is exactly what they were in person.

We were picked up at 2:30 AM at our Bangkok hotel, driven to PoiPet for the border crossing into Cambodia. We slept in the very comfortable van. There were just 3 of us, but you can have a group of 8 in the van.

DON'T JUST HAVE YOUR PASSPORTS, BE SURE YOU HAVE YOUR LANDING PAPERS FROM THAILAND, or WHEREVER YOU LANDED. We did not know we would need those white sheets. However, Sophoan's team members are really amazing, and got us through the border okay.

After crossing the border, we drove another couple hours to Siem Reap, enjoying how different it all was from Thailand. We were met by our tour guide, and he took us again in a very comfortable car to all the sites we could manage in one day. DO NOT MISS THIS BUCKET LIST TRIP. Our guide spoke English well enough to communicate, answer questions, and was accommodating. If you are an American, remember to be a gracious guest and respectful of the difference in culture and expression. These people are wonderfully warm and unspoiled.

I don't give 5 stars very often, but really this was worth that rating. Sophoan Rath and his team are first rate. It is all so very well organized between those in Thailand and those in Cambodia, each doing their job superbly. We just loved and appreciated them so much.

Cambodia Travel Trails - TripAdvisor

Dr. Hermann von Treskow - Cambodia Insight

From: Germany
Posted Date: 26/Nov/2013

There is no better tour-guide to experience Cambodia! Mr Sophan Rath...


There is no better tour-guide to experience Cambodia! Mr Sophan Rath (Poan) of Cambodia Travel Trails was our tour-guide when we first visited Siem Reap and Angkor for the first time in 2009.

Since then Poan has been our guide whenever we are touring Cambodia.

Poan has organised for us - apart from two visits to Siem Reap and to Angkor - a sightseeing tour of Phnom Penh in 2010, overland trips by car to Kampot and Kep in 2011, to Koh Kong and to the Cardamon Mountains in 2012 and to Mondulkiri and Sen Monorem in 2013.

Thanks to Poan and his excellent English we have become quite familiar not only with Cambodia's ancient and immediate past history but also with it's present day situation.

We now can claim to know Cambodia better than any average tourist. With Poan's organising-talent we always felt safe and well looked after.

oan has throughout and without exception proven to be reliable, sincere, discreet, unassuming, attentive and familiar with western customs .

He was always dedicated to his duties as an accredited cambodian tour-guide. That is why we have chosen him as our guide and we will ask him to be our guide again in future. Tessy & Hermann from Aachen, Germany

Cambodia Travel Trails - TripAdvisor

Dr. Jim Bowser - Celebrity cruise ship Laem Chabang port to Angkor Wat and to Ho Chi Minh City port

From: United States
Posted Date: 08/May/2013

Sophoan is a gem. If you, like me were nervous about arranging a trip...


Sophoan is a gem. If you, like me were nervous about arranging a trip half way around the world with someone you never met, no need to worry here. Mr Rath planned the trip thoroughly, provided an excellent hotel, was timely, informative and flexible. We were honored to have Sophoan and his lovely wife join us for a dinner and a show on our last night in Siem Reap. More than a guide, Mr Rath is a thoughful and enjoyable person. Jim and Joan.

Mr. Lee Adam - Bangkok to Siem Reap and Back to Koh Chang

From: United Kingdom
Posted Date: 27/Nov/2012

Highly Recommended! If you are looking for a great official tour guide...


Highly Recommended! If you are looking for a great official tour guide that will help you organise your entire trip to Cambodia, or simply require an honest, friendly and knowledgeable guide who will tell you everything you want to know about Angkor Wat and will look after you like royalty - I would have no hesitation in recommending Sophoan as he made Cambodia the highlight of our SE Asia holiday.

After sending emails to many of the companies on Trip Advisor that offered tours and transfer services to Siem Reap from Bangkok; Cambodia Travel Trails/Angkor Wat Services was the only company that always responded to my many questions promptly. Their swift response and flexibility of travel arrangements gave me great confidence to commit to booking our tour of Angkor Wat together with transfer services from Bangkok to Siem Reap and then from Siem Reap to Koh Chang.

As planned, we were picked up from our Bangkok hotel at 5.00am and driven to the border where we were escorted across by members of their team. We experienced no delays, scams or having to pay any ‘extra’ fees as we had read so much about at this land border. By 11.30am we were at our hotel in Siem Reap. The following morning we were met a 5.00am by our tour guide Sophoan Rath.

Sophoan Rath runs both Cambodia Travel Trails and Angkor Wat Services and was the perfect guide. He was polite, honest, friendly and had in-depth knowledge of the Angkor Wat complex and always making sure that we were comfortable (he kept a boot full of chilled drinking water). We had a full day tour planned from sunrise to sunset and by the end of it felt as though we had seen more amazing sights in that day than in our entire holiday.

Our transfer from Siem Reap to Koh Chang was equally as smooth as the Bangkok transfer, sailing through the border with no hold ups.

If you want to experience Angkor Wat but are somewhat daunted by the dubious border crossing, I would highly recommend the services of Sophoan via either of his companies. Again, if you are just looking for a great official tour guide that will tell you everything you need to know about Angkor Wat or the recent history of I would have no hesitation in recommending Sophoan.

Cambodia Travel Trails - TripAdvisor

Mrs. Ines Barbara Maria - Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, Kg Thom, Ratanakiri, Mundul Kiri, Koh Kong, Sihanoukville, Kam Pot, Kep,...Cambodia Discovery

From: Germany
Posted Date: 03/Nov/2012

Poan - ein Land sympathisch nahe gebracht! Bei unserem ersten Besuch...


Poan - ein Land sympathisch nahe gebracht! Bei unserem ersten Besuch in Siem Reap und Angkor im Frühjahr 2009 hatte man uns Herrn Sophoan Rath, kurz Poan, als unseren individuellen Reiseführer zugeteilt.

Wir waren damals schnell von seinen Qualitäten als unser Führer durch die komplizierte Geschichte der Khmer-Reiche und durch die weitläufigen Tempelanlagen von Angkor überzeugt, die er uns lebendig und kenntnisreich nahe brachte.

Auch sein menschlich einnehmendes Wesen, seine unaufdringliche aber stets engagierte Art,uns als die ihm anvertrauten "Schützlinge" zu betreuen war uns ausnehmend symphatisch. Es war daher keine Frage,wer unser "guide" bei unserem zweiten Besuch in Kambodscha in 2010 sein würde.

Poan holte uns vom Flughafen in Phnom Penh ab und zeigte uns diese Stadt in allen ihren Facetten - bevor wir mit ihm als unserem "guide and driver " auf dem Landweg nach Siem Reap aufbrachen.Die anschliessenden Tage dort waren angefüllt mit zahlreichen neuen Entdeckungen und Erlebnissen - zumeist abseits der großen Touristenströme.

Es folgten jeweils mehrtägige von Poan bestens organisierte und geführte Touren per SUV - in 2011 nach Kampot und Kep, - in 2012 nach Koh Kong und in die Kardamon Berge und schließlich - in 2013 nach Mondulkiri und Sen Monorem.

Wir haben viele schöne Landschaften gesehen,zahlreiche liebenswerte Menschen getroffen und natürlich auch die einheimische Küche inklusive "fried spiders" probiert.

Aber auch die Schattenseiten des Landes,seine grauenvolle neuere Geschi chte und natürlich die Probleme der Gegenwart blieben uns nicht verborgen.

An all dem hat Poan einen maßgablichen Anteil und wir verdanken ihm,dass wir inzwischen Kambodscha wie nur wenige Touristen kennen und seine Menschen lieben gelernt haben.
Hermann & Tessy aus Aachen

Cambodia Travel Trails - TripAdvisor


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