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Koh Ker and Beng Melea Temple Day Trip Excursion
1 Day (Tour Code: CAN04)

Tour Name: Koh Ker and Beng Melea Temple Day Trip Excursion
1Day (Tour Code: CAN04)
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The temple complex at Koh Ker, northeast of Siem Reap, represents the remnants of the capital of the Khmer Empire from 928AD to 944AD, a very unique period in the Age of Angkor. From the time to Khmer capital was first moved to the Angkor area in the late 9thcentury, it would remain there for almost 500 years, with one brief interruption. Just a few decades after the establishment at Angkor, there was a disruption in the royal succession for reasons that remain a matter of academic debate. What is known is that in 928AD King Jayavaraman IV, possibly a usurper to the throne, created a new capital 100km away at Koh Ker, either moving the capital city from Angkor or creating a rival capital. Obviously, a king of much wealth and power, he raised an impressive royal city at Koh Ker of Brahmanic monuments, temples and prasats, surrounding a huge baray (water reservoir) Rahal. 

Jayavaraman IV reigned at Koh Ker for 20 years before he died in 941AD. His son Hashavarman II would remain at Koh Ker for another 3 years before returning the capital to the Angkor area. The monuments of Koh Ker are now on a road loop around the baray past the most important temples. The premier ruin of complex is prasat Thom, and imposing 7 tiered pyramid and temple complex. Best photographed in the morning and offering a bird’s eye view from the top. As your expert guide move round the loop, there are several nicely preserved ruins sit just off the road, impressive prasats and small temple complexes. There are lingas still in place in some monuments such as Prasat Balang and Prasat Thneng. For the enthusiast, there are also dozens of other, more remote ruins in the area. Your expert tour guide can be most helpful at Koh Ker. Our KOH KER & BENG MELEA DAY TRIP will make you good memorable and that you will remember for a lifetime. You will have a combined visit to Beng Mealea on your way back. Trip will take a long Route #6 east from Siem Reap to Damdek. Turn north and follow the signs.

Several huge barays (water reservoirs) were constructed during the Angkorian era. Take a look at the temple map to get a feel for their enormity. For example, the Western Baray measures 8km x 2.3km. The barays seemed to have served not only an agricultural function but political and religious roles as well. The Barays irrigated the rice fields were symbols of the king’s power, and represented the sacred waters that surrounded Mr. Meru of Hindu mythology. Some writers have gone so far as to argue that the barays were wholly political/religious structures not used for any agricultural function, but this is a controversial theory.

Sprawling jungle temple covering over one square kilometer, the temple of Beng Melea is largely overrun by vegetation and very lightly touristy, giving it an adventurous, ‘lost temple’ feel. Photographers: trees growing from the broken towers and galleries offer some of the best ‘trees in temple’ shots aside from Ta Prohm. Constructed in a distinctly Angkor Wat style under the same king that built Angkor Wat, Beng Melea preceded and may have served as a prototype of sorts for Angkor Wat. Though there are some lintel and doorway carvings, there are no bas-reliefs and the carvings are comparatively sparse. When the temple was active, the walls may have been covered, painted or had frescos. In its time, Beng Melea was at the crossroads of several major highways that ran to Angkor, Koh Ker, Preah Vihear (in northern Cambodia) and northern Vietnam.
AM: Tour begins from picking you up at your hotel or picking you up at airport upon arrival via morning flight.
Driving eastward a long high way #6 heading Dom Dek for 30 kilometers then turn left a long passing Beng Melea after being done of 35 kilometers. Turn left heading northward of 60 kilometers to get to Koh Ker. After enjoying seeing the landscape scenery, rice paddy field, and the simple life style, our expert guide will tell the story is here the remaining of an ancient capital of Koh Ker.

The temple set up as a loop which you will see the Prasat Thom with its 7 tiered pyramid shape and temple complex. As your expert guide move round the loop, you will see the remaining of lingas, then Prasat Balang, Prasat Thneng, with dozen of temple ruins.

PM: Enjoy your lunch at local restaurant (on your own account)
Make your way back to Beng Melea, like Taprohm, Beng Melea is remained running overgrown by jungle, make it one of the most picturesque and romantic appeal. Take your time walking round and make your way back to Siem Reap in noon. You might arrive home at around 4PM.

Our KOH KER & BENG MELEA DAY TRIP will make you good memorable and that you will remember for a lifetime.
Tour Duration: Day Trip Excursion
Tour Operates: Everyday Departures
Tour Price: USD89 Per Person (Guaranteed to depart with minimum 02 people)

Tour Price Inclusive of:
- Tours and transfers as mentioned in itinerary by private luxury air-condition vehicles
- Local English speaking guides
- Koh Ker and Beng Melea entrance fees

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- Accommodation, please Contact Us
- Services and meals not mentioned
- Cambodia visa
- International and additional domestic flights include taxes
- Drinks, laundry, telephone calls, tips … and expenditure of a personal nature
- Travel insurance

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